Incompatible character sets on IDMS-L

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Mar 1, 2012
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I think it has been asked before, but I'm yet to see an answer that fully explains it.

I have multiple accounts too and what I find is that I can read the message sent from IDMS-L, but I can't read the copy that gets sent through IDMSVENDOR-L.

It has something to do with the character set used.

If I look at the messages on the IDMS-L archive, most of Gary's (but also some other peoples) messages are garbled. The garbled ones all show a charset of "[color=#1404f9]utf-8[color]" (unicode) whereas the ones that aren't garbled show other charsets such as "[color=#1404f9]us-ascii[color]" or "[color=#1404f9]iso-8859-1[color]".

So it looks to me that this happens when messages are sent unicode - something along the way can't decode it and it remains garbled.

If everyone made sure their charset is not unicode, we'd probably be alright, but it is possible that some people don't have control over that (corporate setting), or simply don't know how to change it.

I do wonder if there is a tweak in the list server somewhere that might fix it (no idea if there if there is, just suggesting that there might be).

Cheers, Steve.
On 1/03/2012 1:39 PM, Chris Hoelscher wrote:
Okay - I am sure this has been asked and answered (I am too lazy in my old age to consult the archives) - but most if not all posts from Gary come across my work email as a seeming random combination of letters - is this something I can correct or is it a problem elsewhere?
(on my home account they come across entirely readable)
thanks - Chris hoelscher