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Timeslices skipping updates - how best to fix these

Question asked by AndySol on Mar 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2012 by another_martink
Hoping this is an easy one to answer please ?

We are part of a large Clarity installation (12.1), and timeslice allocation data is taken for weekly and monthly timescales (amongst others).

Users sometimes experience 'missing' allocation data from their portlet (ie. Weekly Detail) when viewing the same data with monthly timescale vs weekly timescale. This appears to be due to the timeslice skipping some resources, presumably due to conflicts/locks at record level when it runs. These can quickly be resolved once identified - usually by users complaining of missing data !

However, it would be better to prevent and proactively fix this missing data at source. Does anyone else have the same experience ? and if so is there a way for the timeslices to alert when they skip updates due to these types of exceptions. Alternatively is there a quick way of comparing weekly allocation data to monthly to quarterly to ensure all views are the same.

This tends to affect the (Planned) Allocation and Hard Allocation data fields.