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In-built datamart parameters in NSQL

Question asked by philip_smythe on Mar 7, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2012 by philip_smythe
I am looking for some slightly more clear examples of how to use the datamart parameters in NSQL so as to provide a quick method of OBS filtering for project and resource queries.
The documentation suggests a query such as the following by way of example:
This is a multi-dimensional query where PROJECT and OBS are the two dimension names - and we have a couple of metrics also.
The example includes special constructs in the SELECT, the FROM, the WHERE clauses that do the work.
When saved Clarity automatically attaches a required lookup to the OBS attribute (of some kind of system internal type). A grid portlet based on the query - and with the OBS attribute driving the filter - gives a multi stage OBS lookup filter where we select:
1. Choose the OBS we want to filter by and the unit association mode.
2. Choose the level in the OBS that we want to select a unit from
3. Choose the unit from within that level.

What I would like to know is whether this DATA_MART parameter can only be used in this manner - are there more simple examples of usage that do not involve multi-dimensional queries and simultaneous use of the parameter in SELECT, FROM and WHERE clauses?

I am aware that taking OBS material from the datamart rather than live tables has some shortcomings in terms of data freshness. I am also aware that I could use a custom parameter to filter for the OBS in the NSQL WHERE clause and otherwise use more standard SQL. I know that this area is documented in the Clarity Studio documentation - but not clearly IMHO. What I am trying to understand if whether this method offers any query simplification short-cuts that would ever make it worthwhile using.