Role Based forecasting & Hard Booking resources

Discussion created by sanjay.surendranath1.1 on Mar 8, 2012
Hello Everyone,

We are trying to come up with best paractices and recommendations on Role based forecasting.
While playing around with it in our downstream environments we stumbled across couple of behaviors which doesn't seem right or atleast we know that users may not be too excited about it.

Behavior 1: We have parent Roles set up and when a parent role is forecasted on a project and when its replaced with a resource the parent role is retained as the investment role and not the resource's primary role. Since the project managers would like to apply resource's primary role rate on the project and not the rate set up for parent roles this behavior may not be desirable for the PMs. I know PMs have the ability to change the investment role but its an extra step that they may not want to go through and also in doing so they may pick an incorrect primary role.

Question: Is there a setting in clarity where investment role is updated with resource's primary role when a role is replaced with that resource?
Note: I have a trigger created to overcome this issue but I really dont want to take that route.

Behavior 2: Lets say a role is forecasted for 300 hrs on a project and when its replaced with a resource who has only 100 hours available and rest of his hours are hard booked, I would expect that the resource would only get 100 hrs forecasted and the system would retain the role with remaining 200 hrs forecast. However, the system overallocates the resource with all 300 hrs and removes the role from the project.

Question: Is this an issue or an expected system behavior? What needs to be done in order to avoid the over allocation and also to retain the role with remaining forecast?
Note: Although we are using mixed-booking, most of the resources are soft booked. Their availability is 8 hrs and roles are also set up with 8 hrs availabilty.

I would appreciate any thoughts and suggestions on the above.

Sanjay Surendranath