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Task Not on Timesheet

Question asked by clayton.reynolds_01 on Mar 8, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2012 by Dave
I have something strange happening but may be missing something basic.

I have a fixed duration task. The task start date is in the current time period. The resource assigned to it has an allocation starting before and ending after the task. The task and parent tasks are open for time entry. The Add Task feature is turned off so we use Populate to bring in tasks to the timesheet.

Here's what happens. If I add ETC's to the task..and I gave it a Uniform distribution to make sure assignments were also set for current time period...when I hit populate the task does not show up on the timesheet. I can't figure this out. Here is the odd part...if I zero out the ETC's...the task shows up on the timesheet.

Any ideas on what is happening here?