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Syncing SAP project spend with project information in Clarity

Question asked by Jim_Fuhring on Mar 8, 2012
Latest reply on May 16, 2012 by jfechenbach
I'm wondering if anyone is syncing their project spend information from the system of record (their ERP system) to Clarity, which would then contain actual spend plus the forecast. Clarity would be the system of record for the forecast. I have heard that the way to do this is via a XOG. Basically, you would configure Clarity to have a similar WBS structure to your ERP project setup (SAP in this case). For example, in SAP....

S00123.C.H01.100 would be the WBS structure in SAP (a level 4 WBS). Project spend is at this level. In Clarity, I assume, you would have the same project with a similar set up in the Financial Module? Can someone explain how this interface would work?