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Extreme slowness with MSP schedules out of Clarity

Question asked by mark.morrow on Mar 9, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2012 by mark.morrow
I am curious as to why the loading of MSP project schedules, out of Clarity, can take a considerable amount of time to open. I am talking hours, not minutes. We see this especially after time sheet postings, but it also happens randomly. I do have an understanding, from previous posts, that it is always important to be mindful of the following:

- Number of tasks: avoid scheduling a project with over 1000 tasks, if you definetly have to, please break the project on smaller mini-projects.
- Number of baselines: don't load all baselines on MSP. The current baseline is enough for most projects.
- Number of resources: try to separate the assignments by each resource. Having tasks with multiple resources/actuals tends to slow down the process.
- Actuals posted on the project.
- Don't nest a lot of tasks. 3-4 levels is fine.

I have a scenario where I have a project schedule that is over 18 months old, has 150 resources, has 800 tasks, contains 70K in actuals and another 60K in ETCs. This plan will open in 5 minutes most days, 3 hours some days, and up to 14 hours on other days. Any insight into the significant variance in open times would be appreciated.

We use 12.1.1, on WebSphere (7), with an Oracle db (11g).