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Proceses/Custom tab missing in Project default view

Question asked by on Mar 12, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2012 by another_martink
Hi All,
I am having a really strange behavior.
Recently we started to have some performance issues with the database and eventually we got the followoing issue.
When we go into a Project, we can se several tabs like Properties, Team, TAsks, Financial Plans, etc.
We used to see the tabs Collaboration, Processes and a custom tab called Dashboards.
Now, for some reason I cannot figure out, we cannot see these tabs anymore: Collaboration, Processes and a custom tab called Dashboards

I have already done lots of tests with the Clarity configuration for the Project Default View porllet page, including Publishing our changes as admin but no deal. We continue not seeing these tabs.

I did a SQL trace to understand if the data was coming from the database and I can see the tabs in the query result in the trace file. Of course, there are so many thing in there that there might be some query that eventually excludes these tabs from the user view.

The point is, I am not able to correct that through the configuration and I cam not finding anything in the forums similar to that.

We are still using the Clarity 8.1 so we do not have support anymore.

I would appreciate any ideas on what to check to try and fix out that issue. Anything similar to it is also welcome so I can have some ideas of how to check.