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Tuesday Tip by Gene Howard, Principal Support Engineer for 3-13-2012

What is AgentWaitTime?

It specifies the number of seconds that the Web Agent waits for the Low Level
Agent Worker process (LLAWP) to become available. When the interval expires
the Web Agent tries to connect to the Policy Server. Setting this parameter
may help resolve agent start-up errors related to LLAWP connections.

In order for the AgentWaitTime to take affect it must be set in the
WebAgent.conf file as this value is used PRIOR to the ACO information
being downloaded.

If it is not set in WebAgent.conf, the default value of 30 seconds is used.

Based on our best practice research and discussing with CA Technologies Engineering, this is a reasonable estimate for the value to be set:

AgentWaitTime = (Number of Policy servers listed in SmHost.conf -1) + (Number of Policy Servers listed in HCO -1) * 30 Seconds +10 Seconds OR 70 Seconds, whichever is greater.