Wily 9.1 on AIX - is anyone looking at this ?

Discussion created by dave.richards on Mar 16, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2012 by Adoss

Is anyone on the community looking at on AIX ? Introscope only, no CEM.

We have deployed onto AIX (64 bit).

It was an upgrade from 8.2.3, 1 MOM and 2 Collectors.

The supplied JVM crashed when we started the EM, so we had to download a 64 bit IBM JVM 1.6 pap6460sr9fp1-20110208_03 (SR9 FP1) and use that.

We have noticed a couple of glitches that have been raised as defects.

1. the Ping Time supportability metric is disapprearing intermittenly.

2. Workstation logins from windows are "hanging" after authenticated and when this condition occurs the CPU utilisation in seen in topas spikes up sharply.

If anyone in the community wants to share knowledge of running introscope 9.1 on the AIX 64 bit platform please get in touch.