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MSP Plans going wrong......!!!!!!!!

Question asked by matpj on Mar 22, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2012 by SamCoverdale
Hi all,

one of our Project Managers is having huge problems with her MSP plans driven from Clarity.

we are on (not sure what fix pack that relates to.. anyone?)

using msp 2003

She has a clarity 'master' project and several sub-projects.
There are project task dependancies between sub-projects.

When opening the master project in MSP, some tasks on her sup-projects lose their ETC (set to zero)
the assignments sometimes lose their allocation (the percentage figure in brackets after the resource name.
also some of the tasks are set with a constraint 'starts no earlier than...' where the PM previously set them to 'start as soon as possible'
also some tasks are changed from 'fixed work' to 'fixed units' (the latter being

has anyone out there experienced anything remotely similar?

any ideas or suggestions?

thanks in advance,