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Create program with function "New from template".

Question asked by ca_newbie on Mar 26, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2012 by navzjoshi00
Hi there,

I hope I am in the correct category. I already used the search functionality to find a solution to my question.
Please be patient if I am asking stupid things. Clarity is new for me.

I added the right "Project - Create from project (global)" to my user but the the button "new from template" in the "program list" is not available.
Also the field "template" is added to a page but it is not displayed (field property: not hidden).

With the following workaround I am able to set up a program via a template:
Use button "new from template" from the "project list" and use a template which is also a "program". If this project is created it will take over the "program" flag.

I doubt that this is the normal way to create a program via a template. Can someone help me?