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Question asked by tnerb on Mar 26, 2012
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We are an enterprise customer and are looking to develop an app to streamline timesheet submissions on mobile devices. The idea is to eliminate going in and out of clarity native UI by providing user specific timesheet information on a custom mobile site we will develop internally, and possibly a windows & mac client that will provide a quick view for staff and easy way to update your timesheet. Managers would get a view on whether timesheets have been submitted, which are outstanding, and easily ping team members to get their's in.

So....i've reviewed the base documentation for the WSDL and the XOG developers guide. I must be thick because it's difficult for me to understand how to interact with this API to do basic things like:

1. Give me all projects that time can be submitted for a resource
2. Give me current data for specific time period (i.e. current)
3. Submit time on this date to this project

A recommendation: I'm sure many customers would prefer to see an API with useful methods like the following:

Timesheet UpdateTimesheetByResource (resource, time_period, project, hours)
Timesheet GetTimesheetByResource(resource, time_period)

Since these don't exist, it looks like I need to learn the schema unless someone has some good sample code they can share. I'm assuming i'm not the first person to want to interact with Clarity outside the native UI so code samples (preferrably C# or Java) would be greatly appreciated (especially any interactions with the timesheet/timeperiod portion of the schema).