IDMS DC/MAP Problem IDMS 17.0

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Mar 26, 2012
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We recently converted to IDMS Rel 17.0 SP1, and a problem has been discovered. A few of our applications are still using IDMS/DC programs and maps. The application works fine as long as you don't recompile the map/program. It was discovered that once the map/program was recompiled, the application stops working. What happens is, on the mapout operation, the map fields appear not to be initialized and the program does not return the expected results. We do not receive any error msgs. We are running z/OS 1.11. Below are the screen shots:

[color=#009427]Before: see first picture below [color] [color=#aa0c12]After: see 2nd picture below[color]

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Thanks.

Mike Snipes