Siteminder's Report Server & Trusted Host

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Tuesday Tip by Vijay Masurkar, Principal Support Engineer, for 3-27-2012

Registering the Report Server requires access to the Policy Server host system, the Report Server host system, and the Administrative UI host system. The registration process consists of:

1) Establishing a trusted relationship between the Report Server and the Policy Server.
2) Establishing registration and relationship between the Report Server and the Administrative UI.

In this note, we focus on the first; i.e. establishing a trusted relationship between the Report Server and the Policy Server.

a) You run the XPSRegClient utility to create a client name and passphrase from <siteminder_home>/bin directory (or folder) on the Policy Server host system.

b) In the next step, you complete the registration process from the Report Server host system with the regreportserver.bat (Widnows) or (Solaris) invocation from the
<report_server_home>\external\scripts folder(or directory).

Where is the configuration stored for the connection created between the Policy Server and the Report Server? Note, it's not in the policy store.
For instance, on Windows hosted Report Server, this configuration is stored in a Trusted Host Configuration file: <report_server_home>\external\conf

Example of the configuration file:
Name of the file: 3512bf4c-63a5-46c7-ae51-83b1af6b4df2.conf

#test xps trusted host
#Tue Mar 19 14:34:22 EDT 2012

For details on the registration commands and switches, for Site Minder R12SP3CRx, refer to the CA Site Minder Policy Server Installation Guide R12.0 SP3.