Config Xpress (the missing manual)

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IdM Config Xpress eases and facilitates a simplified graphical migration of Identity Manager Environment's (IME's) from one release to another or simply from one environment to another.

It supports the migration of and delineation of all IdM objects and their dependencies within the IME including Admin Roles, Access Roles, Provisioning Roles, Provisioning Policies, Admin Tasks, Identity Policies, Logical Attribute Handlers, Event Listeners, and Workflows.

It also provides a graphical comparison feature for establishing the differences between two configurations, without having to get lost in thousands of lines of XML code.

To install the IdM Config Xpress:

  • First Download and Install Adobe AIR from here. Although it can be, It need not be installed on the IdM Server, a simple client workstation will suffice.
  • Execute the iammanager.air file
    ([color=#01bb13]\Program Files (x86)\CA\Identity Manager\IAM Suite\Identity Manager\tools\samples\Support\Config Xpress\SP10\ConfigXpress.air[color])
    The .air extension will be recognized as an installer for Adobe Air.

Additional information can be found within the attached Power Point Presentation.

If you encounter problems, please log an issue with Support or simply post to this thread. This utility is fully supported within the IAM solution and there have been a number of fixes released for it already and more fixes are in the works for the future.

Please post with any questions or concerns.
Thank you.

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