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What to do with v13 glitches?

Question asked by dtietze on Mar 29, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2012 by another_martink

We're just in the middle of migrating one of our large customer installations to Clarity v13 in a test environment.
In doing so, we're discovering a wealth of glitches, e.g. in screen rendering, navigation, editing of fields, etc.

Example: Create a cost plan, add a row, edit one of the cells. You get three input fields, units, cost, revenue. Just enter cost (middle input field) and navigate to the next cell in the cost plan.
The cell refreshes, the input fields disappear, the number you entered pops to the top, making it look as if you've entered units instead of cost. Saving the cost plan makes everything look OK.

This is to be expected in such a major UI overhaul and doesn't faze me much.

The question is - what do we do with these discoveries? What's the best way to get them into CA as bug reports?
I'm not sure opening support tickets on behalf of our customer for each of these things. Many of them are just annoyances, but should be addressed nonetheless. So I'd like to file them as bug reports, and restrict the filing of support tickets to thos problems which are real show-stoppers.

Any ideas?