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Hi All,
In our shop we use OPS to issue certain commands to ESP. I recently decided to make some changes to these commands and have come up with some undesirable results.

The old command that was issued was "F ESPP,AJ JOBNAME COMPLETE APPL(APPLNAME) This worked fine but I no longer want to force complete the job.

I now want to remove the hold from the job. We changed the OPS issued command to "F ESPP,AJ JOBNAME RELEASE APPL(APPLNAME) This receives an error of invalid keyword Release

When I tested this command, I used a self completing task that issued ESP AJ JOBNAME RELEASE APPL(APPLNAME) This worked well and removed the hold from my job.

So the issue is that when issuing this command thru ESP, it works with the RELEASE but when issued thru OPS/JES it does not work.

Why does COMPLETE work but RELEASE will not? I am at a loss.

Any ideas?