Gary_Cherlet and CMMT317N

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Apr 5, 2012
Good Afternoon All,

Earlier this week I sent up a little zip file to the UCL folder at the community site. Using a C report I included and maybe posted to the list before I was able to identify 967 obsolete messages in our dictionaries here that I've removed. There were some marginal ones and historically interesting ones I left, not many. There are two members of DDDL syntax that can be concatenated as input and there are some commits I thru in in case you might have teeny journals or Pool 255s on playground systems. The first larger member I put together running against one of our existing dictionaries that was still on R16. The second one came from a playground message area that had jumped from R15 to R17. I'm quite certain there are some R16 messages obsoleted now but I left them be for now since we're still on R16 in production.

[color=#0319ad]Today I published CMMT317N at the community site, CMMT folder. [color] Here's the little blurb from the doc:

Version N notes. 3 April, 2012. A small issue switching screens under VTAM. STAT field expanded on R4.
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I've been trying to get any feedback on CMMT from others that might be using it. I'm guessing if someone had a bug report that probably would have been sent. OK, I may regret this, but any enhancement requests?

[color=#fa07fa]Happy Easter,[color]

John Fisher