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Can Resource Requisitions display ETC and provide Task Detail for review

Question asked by Just_Jean on Apr 9, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2012 by lisa_kollin

Our organization always has to be "special" so instead of Allocations we uses Hourly ETCs for Estimates to calculate Capacity & Demand.

Our current process for filling roles is to have the PM change the resource status from New to Open on the Team Tab. The RMs/Booking Managers use the Unfilled Resource Requests portlet to look for then fill open roles. Since there is no tracking or notification functionality with his method, we are looking into the Requisitions functionality .

I have a couple questions ...

1) Is there a way to link to view that provides the details of the task Assignmentl relating to the Requisition?
2) It appears Requisition are Allocation based.. is there any way to display the ETCs and Dates instead of % allocation?

Then there is one more situation we hope Requistions can help with...

Part way through a project we ask the RMs/Booking Managers to review the Assignments on a project tand validate that the remaining ETCs and Assignment Start/Finish dates correctly reflect the remaining project work.
Currently this is managed through the PM exporting the data into Excel, sending the data via eMail to the RMs/Booking Managers who send back the corrected spreadsheets and eMail back to the PMs, and finally the PMs manually update the Assignments. Since this is a tedious and time consuming process performed outside of the system we have no notification or automatic tracking functionality.

Is there any way that the a Requisition can be created (or perhapse an Action Item, anything) that will provide the existing Resource Assignment data and that will also allow for the RMs/Booking Managers to propose new ETCs and Start/Finish dates for the Assignments. And like I said, we were considering the Requisition functionality because of the need to have the notifications and tracking.

Any sugestions?

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