Project Baselines Portlet - PMO Accelerator?

Discussion created by NataliePratt1316676 on Apr 9, 2012
Latest reply on May 4, 2012 by Chris_Hackett
Is anyone out there using the Project Baselines Portlet as part of the PMO Accelerator? I would like to use it but find that the data in the graphs are not matching what my baselines are showing. Furthermore, it doesn't always show all the baselines. If you have used it and have some idea of how it works (are there jobs that I have to run? setups that need to happen? fields that perhaps need to be filled out that I am not aware of?) I would really appreciate you sharing your experiences! This looks like a great tool for PMs to use to manage how well their project is doing from each revision of the baselines. i'd like to make it a nice copy/paste into our weekly status reports.