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Limit the view of Resource Requisition ID by Requestor and Approver(s)

Question asked by sarrnah on Apr 11, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2012 by i_Rock
In our organisation, we use Resource's Cost Center e.g. 1508990901 as approval matrix to route the request to the list of Approver(s) namely known as (1) Domain Head >>> (2) RMT >>> (3) Centre Head >>> (4) Tech Mancom >>> (5) Group Head for their review and action. Currently, the Resource Requisition List page is open to ALL users. Now we have suggestion from users who wants to limit this view to only the Requestor (person who raised the Requisition ID) and those 5 approver Roles.

What is the best way to set-up such security?
Is the solution limited only to the use of instance access rights?

Share your thoughts,,,guruS.