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Notification to send muliple people in TO

Question asked by shalinee on Apr 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2012 by Dave

I am trying to write a gel script to send some information of Idea to couple of Idea Resource users. It is working fine when I am using the single sender in To tag while my requirement is to send multiple people available on that idea instance .

Example - In My idea Form I have 3 resource fields R1, R2, R3 so I ma selecting the email address of all these three people in my gel script SQL query and trying to use in that manner.

TO="${Row0[10]};${Row0[11]};${Row0[12]}". In this case it is not working while it is working fine when I am putting only one variable in TO syntax.

Any Suggestion is much appreciated.

Another question I have regarding the Idea Instance link, If I want to send the Idea instance link as a hyper link in Email body then what will be the syntax for that as I have the Idea ID in my Query.

Shalinee Chauhan