ESP - Midwest User Group & Workload Automation (Mainframe) Global Meeting

Discussion created by Allen_Thennes on Apr 13, 2012
It is time to think about another meeting. We again will have a combined meeting for both group. A Webcast will be done so we can share idea's and new stuff that that we have to offer.

The date is scheduled for May 16th at 10am (CST).

So, at this point I am looking for the following:

- Meeting content ( idea’s to talk about, demo’s or maybe training )

- Speakers ( show us what you do best with ESP )

So, with this being said, time is moving fast so if you can get back to me soon so I can proceed with the planning. Your input is very important and beneficial to everyone.

Also, please pass this information onto folks that may not get this notice.

If you have any questions, please send them to:


Allen Thennes
Safeway Inc.