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No IT PAM Forms appear in Service Desk

Question asked by robert.graff on Apr 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2014 by birolturker.kara
Hello there,

I've been looking at installing CA IT PAM, and I believe I've got quite far:

1 - I've installed EEM and connected it to an external directory
2 - I've managed to enable EEM authentication in Service Desk
3 - I've managed to install CA IT PAM on a server
4 - I've managed to add the "ITPAM" application, group, and default users in EEM, using the script supplied
5 - I've managed to edit "ITPAM" EEM to point to an external directory, and add my user accout to the "ITPAMADMIN" group.
6 - I've managed to log into to IT PAM using my AD Account

I've created a basic CA IT PAM Process, by following CA's "End User Interaction Tutorial" - I now have Process that appears to work.

I then followed the instructions in the Service Desk Administrator guide, to get the integration between Service Desk & CA IT PAM to work. I had a little trouble initially, but I got around that.

However, now, when I try to attach a Process from CA IT Process Automation, the list of available IT PAM Start Request Forms is blank, yet in the CA IT PAM Client, I can see my Start Request Form, and it's not checked out.

Can any shed any light on why my process doesn't appear in the list, when I try to attach it to a request category in Service Desk. I wonder whether you have to create a process in a certain way, in order for it to appear as a Process you can attach to a category?

Any ideas?