Converted Idea and Project Allocation Calcs

Discussion created by jschuff on Apr 17, 2012
Latest reply on May 4, 2012 by Chris_Hackett
We are having issues with resources showing allocations for Ideas that have been converted to projects.

As part of our project request process, someone enters a new Idea in Clarity. Then they can add and allocate resources and roles to the Idea. Some resources will record time to the Idea. Once the Idea is approved, the idea is converted to a project. The team tab on the project is now updated with roles and resources to match what was on the idea.

What we did not expect to happen is that Converted Ideas are showing in the resource's allocation listing. Both converted Idea and project are showing, adding on to a resource's total allocation. Also in the Role Capacity and Demand portlet, both converted Idea and project allocations are being accounted for in the demand. We always select Approved = all because we want the projected demand to be included as well for unapproved Ideas.

How can we only have a non-converted Idea be accounted for in allocations or a project. Not converted Idea and a project allocations.

Any help would be appreciated,