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I am trying to generate a report of a elements from an IDMS record using OLQ - for a list of DBKEYS. And I am having a couple of different issues.

1. in Command mode I can: GET record-name WHERE DBKEY = pppppp:lll but if in MENU mode I try to specify the value(s) for the DBKEY, I get the error: 142007 Your WHERE expression does not contain any column references.

2. I CAN Get the entire records in Batch, stringing together the OLQ GET/OBTAIN commands, BUT I don't want to have to pull together the data one occurence at time - I want a list.

Is there a way to do something like this

SELECT DBKEY, element1, element2 FROM record-name
WHERE DBKEY IN (pppppp:ll, pppppp:ll, pppppp:ll)

or just (where I could then pick out the records I want)
SELECT DBKEY, element1, element2 FROM record-name

Cindy Kline