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12.5 Various items..

Question asked by AaronEJ on Apr 18, 2012
Latest reply on May 22, 2012 by J.Gib
Just checking to see if anyone else has had any of the following issues..

Our environment is 12.5 with Exchange 2003 + 2010 and EAS Autonomy
* Duplicate EVF generation (and therefore duplicate iconsole entries for some messages.. will sometimes even show 2 different importers)
* Failover scenarios for the primary CMS
* Multiple "release message" notices for a message going to both internal and external senders (user releases the 1st message but each other mailbox triggers another release message)
..this only happens occasionally for warn messages when someone sends to 1 external address and multiple internal addresses. CA says workaround is to set a registry key to enforce AD domain to be the same, but we only have 1 AD domain in production, so we're curious if anyone else has had a similar experience and alternate fix.
* File/print scanning in a terminal services environment.. does anyone else have a good way to track infractions per user since DLP assigns the issue to the terminal server and not the user?
* Anyone have a syntax checker for the rules? I understand CA has one internally, curious if anyone else has taken the time to write one so we can check variable and usage before trying it with DLP in a policy.

Anyway, we've worked with CA on some of the above, just curious if anyone reading had any other experiences or insight to add.
Thanks for your time reading.

- Aaron