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SMOBJ vs XPS Utility

Question asked by AlecC on Apr 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2012 by Chris_Hackett
As a long term SiteMinder user we have been using SMOBJEXPORT and SMOBJIMPORT to manage the migration of policies from development through test into production. As the SMOBJ utilities will be depricated in R12.5 we have been looking at the XPS utilities. We have hit a possible performance issue where the XPS utility is a factor of 30 slover in doing an export and import. I would be interested in the experience of other users in the community, have any of you seen any perormance issues or not?

As some back ground here is some additional information:

In our test, we used a domain with 275 objects. The commands we used for this export using the smobj utility and the time taken :

Export new domain from Source: smobjexport -sportal_domain –d<siteminder admin> -w<password> -oportal_domain.smdif –v (here the only the domain objects are exported with the –s option)
Time taken: 2mins

Import to destination: smobjimport -iportal_domain.smdif -d<siteminder admin> -w<password> –v
Time taken: 2 mins

Now, with the xps utility, for the same task of exporting and importing the domain:

Export new domain from Source: XPSExport portal_domain.xml -xo CA.SM::Domain@03-d877862d-3eb9-10cb-a9e1-83aaa3f30cb3 -passphrase <passphrase> –v (here the domain OID is prefixed with the domain object name as per the new syntax)
Time taken: 1 hour

Import to Destination: XPSImport portal_domain.xml -passphrase <passphrase> -v
Time taken: 1 hour

In this case, the export or import using smobj took 2 mins while the xps utility took about 1 hour. For domain with more objects the difference will be more.

We are aware the xps utility does appropriate checks which would account for some of the additional export/import time.