CA DLP Tuesday Tip: Changing the password on a DLP Gateway DB

Discussion created by devan05 Employee on Apr 24, 2012
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CA DLP (DataMinder) Tuesday Tip for 24 April 2012 published by Andrew Devine Snr. Support Engineer.

CA DLP (DataMinder) Gateway servers are receptacles that handle transient data. That is data which is being replicated up stream to the CMS and will typically be purged from the Gateway once replication has completed. Because little or no data resides on the Gateway DB regular password changes are not necessary. However, if you have a corporate security policy that mandates such changes, the password on a Gateway can be changed using the following command:

wgninfra -exec wigan/schema/Schema UpdateDBPassword <NewPassword>

NewPassword The new password of the existing database user.

Please note that the command is case sensitive and must be executed on the Gateway from the %wgninstall%\system directory. Any password changes should be made while the infrastructure service is stopped because the credentials are cached while the service is active.