CA Tuesday Tip: (CA ESP)Change variable introducer at global/APPL/JOB level

Discussion created by Lucy_zhang Employee on Apr 24, 2012
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CA Tuesday Tip by Lucy Zhang, Principal Support Engineer for 4/24/2012

The default symbolic variable introducer character is the percent (%) sign. And you can change it at different level.

- On global level:
In ESPPAM, the SYMBOL initialization parameter specifies the character to be used to introduce a symbolic variable.

- On APPL level:
SYMBOL can also be added to APPL as a statement, and variables followed will use the specified char as introducer. For example:

- On JOB level:

Using the //*ESPSYMBOL statement in JCL you can change the symbol introducer character to identify another character as the symbol introducer character. Additionally, changing the symbol introducer character allows you to use the percent sign in your JCL and not have CA WA ESP interpret the percent sign as the symbol introducer character.