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SiteMinder Log File summary/information

Question asked by romanivan on Apr 24, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by kavithadey
My upper management wants me to create a spread sheet on the relevant SiteMinder log files. Below is a list of the different log files and the log information. There isn't really a clear definition of each log and the contents of the log file. Your help would be much appreciated. I have filed out a brief description under the "log information" column for each log file. I would really appreciate anyone's description about each componenet of the log file that I listed. Please feel free to add anything that you feel that has relevance that I have missed.

edit I added question marks on items that I am completely unaware of.

File Name


• Defualt level: contains error messages such as policy server unable to communicate with the webagent
• 2nd Level: Warning error messages, trace messages and the highest level: cookie variables and header details

• Date/Time- ????????????
• PID/TID/TransactionID- ????????????
• Function- ????????????
• Relative message associated with web agents


• Authentication/Authoriation on the policy server, both succesful/failed.
• Client IP- ????????????
• Resource- ????????????
• Host- ????????????
• date/time- ????????????
• Full DN of users
• GET/POST request along with URL


• Authentication events- ????????????
• Authorization events- ????????????
• Affiliate events-????????????
• Administration access events- ??????????????


• Contains basic info from Jboss and Identity Manager


SiteMinder trace log settings used for troublshooting authentication and authorization errors with SiteMinder policies.
Data options can be added for profiling to get desired information during the login process on a policy server.

Example: General Trace Template
• Server-?????????????
• IsProtected- function that test if a resource is protected in by a webagent.
• Login_Logout-???????
• IsAuthorized- fucntion that test if a user has access to the protected resource
• Directory_Access- ????????
• ODBC- ?????
• LDAP- Shows which directory is being searched