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Copy from Template link not available on Program

Question asked by sh123 on Apr 27, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2013 by Dale_Stockman
I dont find 'Copy from Template' link on Programs.
I am in Clarity v13.0.00.
I can find it for Projects as link under Actions > Copy Project from Template.
But when I convert this Project to a Program , I dont see that link under Actions.
I also created a program, instead of conversion from a Project, but not able to find the link.

Earlier version of Clarity 12.1 is having this link as 'Copy from Template' on both Project and Program.
I am administrator and I have all the rights, so it might not be a rights issue.
Is it removed in v13? or placed somewhere else? But the online hlep file if v13 says it will be there under Actions of Program.

Please help.