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Security to view Ideas on the basis of custom field value for some people

Question asked by shalinee on Apr 27, 2012
Latest reply on May 10, 2012 by shalinee
Hi ,

Is there any way to control the security of any investment in Clarity (Idea, Application etc) on the basis of custom field in Idea or Project. I need to configure something like that where Manager of PM of Idea can see the list of Ideas where his/her name in custom field.

One thing in my mind is instance level right at resource level for Idea Edit/view. While it would be either through manual with lot's of admin work and not real-time (means till the time somebody is not adding the person manually in that Idea at resource level instance right list for Idea View/Edit) or Database trigger on change that custom field value to add that idea at resource instance level right view for Idea Edit?

Would this be feasible to do the database trigger to add the instance level rights from back-end. I have idea about two main tables but not sure what all are the others and how they will act in back-end? Has anyone done the similar in any customer place?

Any suggestion is much appreciated!!