Resource Finder function. Resources showing but availability score is blank

Discussion created by jamesdibbs on Apr 30, 2012
Latest reply on May 4, 2012 by Chris_Hackett
Hello everyone,

I am setting up a simple role/resource allocation model for my team. A simple breakdown of the method proposed is below

1. PM creates a resource profile in the project by allocating primary roles in the amount and duration required
2. The Resource Manager sees the request for resources via the "Unfilled Allocations" portlet and clicks on the "Resource Finder" icon
3. A list of resources with the relevant primary role is displayed with the availabiliy match score showing the degree to which they can meet the requirement (purely from an availability perspective - not using skills)
4. Resource Manager selects the preferred resource from the list and replaces the role on the PM's project

This all works fine but I am getting some strange results regarding the availability match column.

At present when I click on the resource finder icon, I get a list of all resources that have that skill (this is good) but I am getting blank scores for the availability match (this is bad).

Previous times I have set up worked examples I have also got the following results:
1. All resources with the relevant primary role are displayed with a shrinking list of % availability match scores (this is what I am trying to replicate). Allocating resources with less than 100% matches, result in the remaining amount of the resource request being created as a new resource request.
2. A partial list of the resources with the relevant primary roles are displayed (presumablly only the ones that have capacity to work on the project).

Basically I am hoping someone can tell me I have forgotten a setting or there is another option that I have not selected. I want to have the logic around the results airtight so I can respond credibly when answering PM's questions.

Can someone maybe suggest something I have missed or offer some advice on the reasons for when I would see the different results.

Thanks in advance.