Counting available instances

Discussion created by mick.sheppard on May 1, 2012
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Has anyone any tips on how to count the number of instances of a particular application are currently available?

I'll add a bit of detail:

We are running a number of JVMs for each application suite in an N+1 configuration.

We would like out APM dashboard to reflect the status of these JVMs. Say going amber if we are down to N available, and red if fewer than N are available.

I had a CA Consultant use the Agent Connection Status metric in the Custom Metric Agent. This gives a value of 1 for a valid connection but a 3 for a period of time if the connection is lost which makes it unsuitable. I've used a Javascript script running on the collectors in the past to push a count in the Custom Metric Agent. This worked but, in order to cope with alerting if their are no instances running, I had to modify the script whenever a new JVM was added to get 0 values for collectors that had none connected.

If anyone has a better way of doing this I'd really like to know.