CA DLP Tuesday Tip: Configuring Email Sever Message Templates.

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Configuring CA DLP (DataMinder) r14.0 Email Server Message Templates posted by Andrew Devine Snr. Support Engineer 01 may 2012.

CA DLP (DataMinder) r14.0 installs plain text (ANSI) message templates for the "warning" and "unmatched response" messages when the Exchange or IIS server agent install options are selected. The default template files, "WarningTemplate.txt" and "UnmatchedResponseTemplate.txt", are installed on the machine hosting the server agent in the folder;

\Program Files\CA\CA DLP\Client.

The template file can accomodate ANSI, UTF-8, Unicode, or HTML format and can include insertion variables (refer to the "CA DLP Message Server Integration Guide" - DLP_Message_Server_Int_ENU.pdf - for more information on Template Insertion Variables). The name of the actual template (i.e. WarningTemplate.txt) remains the same regardless of the format, as format detection is automatic, in other words there is no additional setting required to indicate that a template contains HTML.

If a template is in an HTML format, the insertion strings are replaced as normal (with additional encoding for special HTML characters), and the notification is sent as an HTML mail (HTML only - no plaintext version is added). If a template is plaintext, the notification is sent as a plaintext only mail (the default).

Technically, a template is detected as HTML instead of plaintext if it contains both the <HTML> and </HTML> tags are included in order. For example;

** You received this message because your e-mail breaches compliance policy and has not been sent: **
Date: %maildatetime%
Subject: %subject%

You must take action on this message, or your e-mail will not be sent. If you still want to send your e-mail, please reply to this message without making any changes.
If you want to comply with policy, you must resend a modified version of the original e-mail.