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"Browse Team Members for a Project" Lookup

Question asked by bfarquhar on May 1, 2012
Latest reply on May 14, 2012 by shalinee
I'm trying to use the out of the box lookup called "Browse Team Members for a Project" but can’t get it to work. I have a Custom portlet that is on the Project Dashboard page. The portlet returns data for the project team. It works great. The portlet has a Resource Browse filter in it that shows ALL 2000+ resources when the browse window opens.

I now have a request to make the browse window only show those resources that are part of the project team so users don’t have to look pick from thousands. Very reasonable request.

When I stumbled on the "Browse Team Members for a Project" lookup I thought perfect... does exactly what I want and this should be a snap to implement. I see that SQL for the lookup uses the same code that I use in my report to get the project ID from the URL...... @where:param:xml:integer:/data/id/@value@.

But then when I set it all up and try it... it does not work. So I'm thinking to myself.... Is it because it comes up in a browse window that does not have a URL and the project ID in it. So how does this work ? Can I use it ?

Anyone have any thoughts ? IF I can’t use this or a lookup that pulls the ID from the URL, How do I do what I'm trying to do ?

I'm open to any suggestions.