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Regarding password policies in R12 SP3 CR5

Question asked by jkalle on May 1, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2012 by jkalle

During a problem investigation found below regarding password policy in R12 SP3 CR5.

(1) Application is using standard.fcc for their appliction
(2) If user is a new user then standard.fcc will redirect user to password change page, where user will enter old password/new password and confirm password and clicks submit.
(3) Here password is not getting updated. Id which send password has full privileges to all the LDAP attributes which are defined in password policy.
(4) application is throwing smauthreason=22 and redirecting user to password change page again.
(5) Password poicy which is used for this applciation, is very straight forward. It has NO compositions, except minimum length.
(6)But still password change is failing. The request is not at all going to LDAP level but failing at password policy itself.

any idea wht could be the issue.