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Wily CEM %.0 Integration with Introscope 9.0

Question asked by yogesh.belsare on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on May 7, 2012 by yogesh.belsare
Hi all ,

We have setup CEM 5.0 and are trying to integrate it with Introscope . We have done all the steps mentioned in the integration guide Viz
1) uncomment the CEM agent entry in the agentcluster.xml
2) Enabled the ServletHeaderDecorator in the java agent introscope.profile file , the BizTrxHttpTracer is enabled .
3) have confirmed the communication between EM and the TIM works properly

Issue is that i can see the Five metrics (Avg Response time , stalled count , concurrent invocations etc) for the transactions but i do not see any data in the CEM overview Dashboard.
The guide mentions something about a TESS Agent , but i do not see a TESS Agent anywhere in the metric tree . All i see is the following
Business Segment
Business Service
Avg Response Time
Error Count

The CEM BTStats Management Module also does not show any Data .

Is there any configuration i am missing here ..