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Using a process to copy insert calculated data

Question asked by steveway-uti on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on May 3, 2012 by steveway-uti

We have configured 6 fields for our PM's to enter estimates into when capturing the effort in completing a requirement [Requirements Object]. Subsequently we also configured a field to calculate the sum total as an aggregate amount.
Unfortunately, when we tie our sample requirement to a parent requirement and then view in the Hierarchy view, the numbers do not roll up. We also tried an aggregate line within the view, it to does not work for us.

There is an OOTB field called "Effort (Estimate)" and when tied to a parent it does roll up as expected. So in talking with CA Support :blink: they suggested a process where we could take the value from our configured field, copy it and insert it into the OOTB field so that when we view the requirements as a parent/child we would see the roll up amounts.

Has anyone done this or something similar and what would it look like?