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OBS Level Question

Question asked by Andy_O_Sullivan on May 3, 2012
Latest reply on May 3, 2012 by Gurjeet.S

I'm writing a WEBI report that uses the OBS Filter Browse lookup for an OBS parameter.

This will provide an ID, say 50001234.

I previously designed this report in Actuate and I had an elaborate setup to calculate what level of OBS to use
i.e. my query had "where NBI_DIM_OBS.obs.level5_unit_id = 50001234" if the OBS level of 50001234 was 5
or it would have "where NBI_DIM_OBS.obs.level6_unit_id = 50001234" if theOBS level of 50001234 was 6,
based on a case statement that pulled the level from a variable

My question is - is the OBS value (here 50001234) unique - i.e. will it only ever be at obs.level5_unit_id?
Or could there be potentially data in the table at adiffernt level with 50001234?

If it is unique the solution would be much easier.

Any help appreciated.