Real Time Data Replication

Discussion created by cferlan on May 3, 2012
Latest reply on May 14, 2012 by gary.oz
Hi everyone,

Let me describe the current situation first.

Extractions are scheduled to run from servers (Windows or LINUX) to get data from our IDMS databases. Our zOS is at 1.9 (soon to be 1.11), IDMS is at 16.0 going to 18 (not soon enough). They use ODBC or JDBC, it depends.

Those extractions are scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly. One of them is scheduled every 10 minutes (low volume, no problem).

I was asked if it was possible to reverse the process, so to speak, and have IDMS send updates to servers instead of scheduling extractions to get the latest data available.

That means every update to an IDMS record would be sent over or reflected in real time. At first, only a few record types would be included but then the process would later include a lot more.

Of course, the first thought is to have a database procedure do this, but then performance considerations explode in one's mind.

Is there anybody out there who has attempted to do this and how did you proceed ?

Claude Ferland .../