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Connector Xpress Modify Attribute Value

Question asked by Mark_Lawley on May 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2012 by diwakarshenoy
I am trying to create a connector to support unix authentication against an LDAP endpoint.

To control server access I have created an object class nisNetgroup containing an attribute nisNetgroupTriple. The format of nisNetgroupTriple must be (,user ID,) in order to allow unix authentication.

The problem I have in creating the connector is that I cannot configure it so that it provisions the nisNetgroupTriple with the attribute in the correct format. I have created an association between the User Account class and the nisNetgroup class that successfully allows me to view existing entries in nisNetgroupTriple. When I try to provision a new user it enters the user ID into nisNetgroupTriple. I need to configure the connector so that it adds (, and ,) around the user ID.

Does anybody have any suggestions how to add the (, and ,) around the user ID?