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Booking  Status and MS Project

Question asked by gph1857 on May 8, 2012
Latest reply on May 14, 2012 by sundar
hello all,
we started using Mixed Booking a while back and have seen cases where cycling the project through MS Project can sometimes cause the Booking Status to change from Hard to Mixed.
CA Support has confirmed that his can and will happen.
It does not happen every time and that's where we need some feedback.

We are on 12.0.4 (Trying to get to v13 but dealing w/ the Index issue during 12.1.1 phase of upgrade)
Oracle 10gR2
MSP 2003 and MSP2007 (slowly getting everyone upgraded to 2007)

The struggle we have is our PMs have to have their project Teams Hard Booked to move through our governance process.

Does anyone have or know of any docs that help explain the conditions that will cause this change in Booking Status when a project is round-tripped through MSP?
This would be a great help to our PM teams.

thanks in advance for any input.