CA DLP (DataMinder) r14.0 Documentation Bookshelf Update

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CA DLP r14.0 Documentation Bookshelf Update posted by Andrew Devine Snr. support Engineer 8 May 2012

As part of CA's ongoing commitment to quality, the CA DLP r14.0 bookshelf has been updated. The latest bookshelf is now available on the CA Support Portal ( or MyCA (

If you have downloaded earlier copies of the CA DLP r14.0 Bookshelf please replace them with the latest version.

The CA DLP r14.0 bookshelf includes the following changes;

CA DLP (DataMinder) 14.0 - Archive Integration Guide (DLP_Archive_Int_ENU.pdf) 3rd Edition includes corrections to the EMC SourceOne integration instructions.
CA DLP (DataMinder) 14.0 - Endpoint Integration Guide (DLP_Endpoint_Int_ENU.pdf) 3rd Edition includes a reorganized Group Policy chapter. The Endpoint Hardening chapter now includes a recommendation to disable InPrivate Browsing.
CA DLP (DataMinder) 14.0 - Network Implementation Guide (DLP_NBA_ENU.pdf) 2nd Edition includes advice on reloading the NBA Policy XML file.
CA DLP (DataMinder) 14.0 - Reports Integration Guide (DLP_Reports_ENU.pdf) 3rd Edition has been significantly expanded to include new chapters on Troubleshooting and Deployment and Sizing Guidelines.
CA DLP (DataMinder) 14.0 - Upgrade Guide (DLP_Upgrade_ENU.pdf) 4th Edition includes upgrade issues affecting the iConsole dashboard.

PDF names above have been referenced for convenience, however changes have been applied to both HTML and PDF versions.

Note: The edition of revised guides is printed on the bottom right hand corner of the cover page.