2-day course on SDM 12.6 integration with CA Process Automation

Discussion created by MaryGreening on May 8, 2012
CA Education just released a 2-day course on SDM 12.6 integration with CA Process Automation.

The course number is: 33SVD30031

CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) is a versatile and comprehensive IT service support solution, designed to help you deliver superior end-user support, and request, incident, problem, and knowledge management processes. CA Process Automation is a stand-alone CA Technologies product that automates tasks and manages user interactions, such as approvals and notifications for compliance and accuracy within production environments. When you integrate CA SDM and CA Process Automation, you can leverage the benefits of CA Process Automation workflow capabilities from key points in CA SDM. This course provides a solid foundation in CA SDM IT process automation, enabling repeatable and extensible automation that maximizes business efficiencies across departments, and integrates and optimizes IT operations.:

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I am providing this information in response to a post earlier today asking for more information on this subject.