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IdM r12.5 Issue regarding Provisioning Roles

Question asked by FabioSantos on May 11, 2012
Latest reply on May 23, 2012 by Atle
Hello everyone,

I'm facing the following situation:
[*]Through the Identity Manager User Interface we are modifying a Provisioning Role (Roles and Tasks » Modify Provisioning Role) and setting the attribute comments with a value (e.g. This role was changed today). The task is successfully submitted.
[*]Through the Provisioning Manager and can view the Provisioning Role with the value previously set.
[*]Through the Identity Manager User Interface the field (comments) in Provisioning Role is empty.
Basically we are setting the comments attribute of a Provisioning Role. The value appears through the Provisioning Manager but in IM UI the field is empty. Any idea about the problem?

Note: We have an architecture with a User Store (AD LDS) separated from Provisioning Directory.

Thanks in advance.

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