Cannot open a process in CA IT PAM Client

Discussion created by robert.graff on May 11, 2012
Latest reply on May 16, 2012 by Tom_Kouhsari
Ok, so I've been importing some pre-defined processes into our CA IT PAM Development system via XML files. These are sample processes which I've obtained through the CA Site (include this forum).

Unfortunately, it seems that one of the Process definitions I've imported has caused a real problem, as I can no longer view an existing process definition, nor can I create a new one. If I double click on a process, I get a progress bar for a bit, but no process appears. If I right click on a process and choose edit, and then select a version and press the edit button, a progress bar animation starts, but no process appears.

Any ideas of how I can get around this? I've had a look a the log files but I can't see anything in them that indicates why I suddently cannot view process definitions. I can still view the Request Forms.