Task Finish Date resets and then doesn't

Discussion created by Tim1302647 on May 14, 2012
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Having an issue with a couple tasks in a Project. We do not use auto-scheduling in Clarity as most of our PMs work from MSP. For this particular project, though, the PM is not downloading the project to MSP as it has a small WBS. She has two Tasks that intermittently will have their Finish Dates and the Finish Dates for all of their Assignments pushed out. When she tries to change the Finish Dates for both Tasks, they revert to the latter dates. I checked on both Tasks this morning and saw that they were not complete but had no remaining ETC. When I tried to modify the Finish Date for the Task and Assignments for the first Task, they reverted to the latter date. This behavior occurred when changing: just the Task Finish date; the Finish Dates for all Assignments; the Finish Date for only one Assignment; the Finish Date for the Task and all Assignments at the same time.

When I changed the Finish Date for the second Task, it saved. Making no other changes, I went back to the first Task and was able to change and save its Finish Date this time. There is a Finish-Start relationship between the two, but it's the first Task that is the predecessor of the second Task.

I plan on opening a case with CA for this issue. However, since I can't replicate the issue at this time I know I'll need to wait until it occurs again. In the meantime, I was hoping to see if anyone else had run into anything similar or may have an idea of what could be happening here.